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Employee Relocation: Everything You Need to Know

An employee relocation can be a challenge for both the employer and the employee in question. There are plenty of unexpected hurdles one can expect in such a situation, so here’s what you’ll both need to know when the time comes.

Firstly, make sure the employee is aware of what your company’s policies are on a move. This includes what the company will and won’t pay for in a relocation, as well as any restrictions on particular items, people, and even distance. This information should be documented and provided to both parties, to avoid misunderstandings and help the transition go smoothly.

There may be preferred moving companies that an enterprise has a particular business relationship with, and this should be conveyed to the employee. This relationship can be based on knowledge of the moving location, experience handling business-related moves, easily-accessed points of contact, or even potential company discounts in moving services.

Relocation services extend beyond the simple act of moving. There are often other expenses involved in transitioning to a new home, where cost of living differences in destination can be a factor, and these should be taken into account. Additionally, helping an employee by having information about the end point on hand can be extremely helpful, such as data on local schools, healthcare facilities, even entertainment and dining options, especially when it’s a family move.

A timetable can be an excellent resource for both employee and the company, to help offset any lost time from the move and build a framework of when everything should take place, from the move plan to the packing time and transport schedule, to buffer time needed for unpacking and adjusting to the new home once the employee’s goods have arrived. This can make the relocation smooth and far less challenging for everyone.

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