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5 Green Moving Tips

Moving your entire home or office can be pretty daunting in its own right, and while some people may wish to keep the process as environmentally clean as possible, it can feel like the whole experience doesn’t leave much room for the luxury of staying green. Fortunately, there are five easy ways of moving while remaining environmentally friendly, and they’re easier than you may think!

  1. One option is to use boxes made with recycled materials, or boxes that can be easily reused. Either one of these choices will help reduce the impact of your move on the planet once you’ve unloaded everything at your end destination. Recycled moving boxes that can be collapsed are great for reducing landfill mass. If you need do need something more robust and go with plastic bins, consider using them for long-term storage after the move is complete and pick ones that fit inside each other when unused to maximize space.
  2. Maximizing just how many boxes and how much packing material you will need with early planning can help save the planet and save you money.
  3. When choosing your packing materials, consider using cloth and other fabrics as cushioning rather than disposable packaging material like styrofoam peanuts or other plastics.
  4. Planning your trip in advance will help you maximize how many drives the move may take as well as optimize the fastest, most fuel efficient route.
  5. If you aren’t planning on conducting the move yourself, find a skilled moving team with experience minimizing their environmental impact. Green moving teams may have options such as hybrid or biodiesel fuel trucks, they may use biodegradable materials for boxing and packaging your cargo, might recycle their materials after the move, and more. In the pursuit of staying environmentally conscious, always feel welcome to ask!
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