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Checklist: The Ultimate Tool for Maintaining Moving Sanity

With a million different gears turning on moving day, it’s easy to lose track of what you need, what needs to be done, what’s been done and what’s going where. And if you’re working with others to make that move happen, it becomes even more chaotic as everyone tries to keep everyone else in the loop. While keeping this complex information in your head may seem tempting, having a checkline handy will make sure nothing gets overlooked in the process and your moving day runs smooth as silk.

Firstly, a checklist keeps you organized. Use it to know what you’ve packed away and in which boxes, what steps in the move have been completed and which are still in the works. This includes not just moving the boxes, but addressing items such as utilities, internet connectivity, giving the post office your new forwarding address and more.

This, in turn, helps give you peace of mind and keeps you sane. You won’t have to wrack your brain to remember if the bedroom has been cleared out or if you’ve disabled the gas before the movers pack up the stove, just look to your handy-dandy checklist to see what’s been done.

Keeping a checklist of your inventory being moved also protects your goods. You’ll know what you have and where it’s at, and when it comes time to unpack you can look to your list to make sure everything is where it should be. If anything is missing, you’ll know it immediately instead of months later when you’re looking for it in every box or closet.

A checklist is ideal to make sure the whole process runs smoothly, and this in turn means faster processing time. You won’t have to think “What have I missed? When all you need to do is look at the list and think to yourself”. Nothing, everything’s done!

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