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Guide for Moving Clothes on Hangers, Shoes and More

While packing up loose shirts and pants may be a relatively easy activity, there are certain items of clothing that aren’t as cut and dry. Clothing that requires hangars, shoes, hats and other items may require special care so as to keep them protected and in good condition for the long journey ahead.

For many hanging items of clothing such as dresses or suits, there are tall packing boxes that come with a hanging bar attachment. As long as the box remains right-side-up on the trip, your clothing can hang as easily as when tucked away in the closet. Some of these boxes are also tall enough to place additional items in the bottom such as shoe boxes, blankets and more, to maximize the box’s use. There are even some models with fun graphics on the sides such as spaceships, complete with removable portholes to allow children to use the boxes for play when your move is done.

If you have hangars themselves that need packing, consider wrapping their hooks in plastic or paper to prevent them from hooking on any nearby fabrics or otherwise impacting goods inside the box.
For shoes, you can wad paper or plastic material inside them to help them keep their shape; this is especially useful for loose shoes without a protective box. For shoeboxes themselves, a helpful lifehack is to take a photo of the shoes inside the box, print a couple of small 2-inch pictures of them, and put them on the outside of the box. This helps you know the box’s contents without having to open it up.

Hats should avoid having weight placed upon them. Consider giving them their own dedicated box, and try fitting the crown of one into the other to both keep their shape and minimize packing space.

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