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How to effectively move to the smaller house?

When moving to a smaller place apparently you need to think about what belongings you no longer need. Some of the items can be donated, sold or just thrown away, however it’s your job to figure this out.

Here is a short guide to help you organize a downsizing:

  1. Take a tour around your home and prepare a list of what you plan to take and what is going away. Give an assessment to the items and try to answer the questions “How often have I been using it? Where would I put this item in my new home?”.
  2. Stay calm – downsizing is not something to be done within an hour.
  3. Choose a professional mover and schedule a move in the time frame that works best for you. Consider getting help with packing, loading and unloading of your belongings to ensure safety of your items.
  4. Arrange your items before professional movers arrive to help streamline the process. And voila!
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