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How To Prepare For Moving To San Diego

When it comes to moving to America’s finest city, San Diego has a lot going for it to make the experience a breeze, such as easy-to-navigate streets and excellent weather. But even with its sunny skies and mild climate, there are ways to prepare to make the trip even smoother.

One thing to keep in mind is the size of your destination compared to where you are coming from: living space in San Diego is at a premium, so homes sometimes may not be as large as ones in other more rural or open states like Texas. You’ll want to consider how much will fit into your new home versus your previous one, and you may want to reach out to local storage facilities to confirm availability of units should you find yourself with more than you can unpack.

Moving trucks rarely have issues traversing San Diego freeways and streets, and while it has its share of hills, these aren’t as common as in locations such as San Francisco. The main travel challenges to expect are: intensely high traffic if coming in from the North through the Los Angeles region on I-5, and long, steep mountain passes if coming in from the East on I-8. There will also be checkpoints when entering California from out of state, so expect a potential delay if your moving truck needs to be checked.

One thing to help reduce your packing load is to store away cold-weather gear and items, these only get used if you’re planning on a mountain excursion. San Diego boasts some of the best weather in the country year-round, so enjoy your new home!

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