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How To Relocate Your Restaurant

Like any business, relocating your restaurant can be a daunting task ahead. And with so many moving parts, so many ticking clocks once items like food get packed up, it can be even more challenging than the average business move. But if planned right, this move can be a quick, easy and potentially successful one for your eatery!

Firstly, you’ll want to take a detailed inventory of the contents of your restaurant; while time consuming, it will help ensure nothing gets lost in the hustle and bustle. Take note of all utensils, dinnerware, kitchen tools, appliances, glassware and so forth, and once packed up share the list with your movers to help keep everyone on the same page.

Before leaving your current location, make sure all the utilities such as gas, water and electricity are ready at your destination. This will prevent a prolonged break in your business so that once unpacked you and your staff will be ready to hit the ground running. Also, make sure what your sanitation options are, what days trash gets picked up, and any additional services your business requires from where you’ll be going.

Equally important, confirm cold storage is up and running so that any perishables packed will have adequate refrigeration and freezing ready to go, preventing heat exposure and subsequent loss of inventory.

Finally, research your end location in advance to prepare: are there restrictions such as no outdoor drinking if you serve liquor? Do you have neighbors that will be impacted by any noise your restaurant will produce? Does the city have specific ordinances that may affect your business?

Addressing these factors in advance will help your relocation go smoothly. Best of luck to your restaurant!

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