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Keeping a Home Bright When on the Market

Your home is going on the market and you want to make the best impression possible for potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing it from you. So how do you add to its appeal in order to attract newcomers? One of the best ways is to create an air of brightness and comfort for anyone hoping to make it their own home, to give it that open, inviting feel.

The first and often best way to brighten up a home when trying to sell is to open all the windows, curtains and blinds. This is especially important if the room is small or has dark paint colors, as the openness of the outside adds to the perceived size of the rooms themselves. It also helps to reduce unwanted echo in a smaller or non-carpeted room. Likewise, should the weather permit and there aren’t bugs around, you can open doors to the house as well.

Turn on lights around the house, especially in rooms without a window or skylight available or on darker days when showing the home. While natural light is preferable to showing a room’s natural beauty, when this isn’t an option you want to ensure your rooms can still have a homey, warm feel. Aim for softer lights and avoid lights that shine in viewers’ eyes, as too much of a good thing can also be a deterrent.

If you’re staging a home, try to include mirrors around the house. This gives the rooms a bigger feel while also reflecting the light already inside, brightening the environment even further. And if the room is small or dark, consider adding some bright, pale color to the room using rugs, art or furniture.

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