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Moving During the Pandemic 2021

In these challenging times, moving can have some surprise challenges that no generation previously had to contend with. This can of course lead to some questions that average citizens like yourself may have about safety, protocols and more when it comes to transporting your goods. Here are some points to consider helping ensure the health and well-being of everyone, while ensuring your move continues smoothly and efficiently.

Firstly, consider waiting if your moving date is flexible. While vaccines are becoming more available as time goes on, the CDC affirms there is still the potential risk for exposure the more one interacts with others or ventures outside. If you are considering rescheduling or cancelling your move for safety reasons, check with your company to make sure what their cancellation options are, if necessary.

If you are still planning on your move, confirm if there are lockdown orders at your destination. Are there restrictions on when people can be outside? If so, this may affect your mover’s schedule.

Many businesses have been negatively impacted due to Covid-19. While the moving industry hasn’t been as affected as much as others, you may still want to confirm they are still available to handle your planned move in the future.

Keep things distant when available: ask for remote quoting and interact with the team’s business side via phone or facetime, when possible.

Some local governments may have limitations on how many people can be in a single place at one time. This might affect the size of a moving team for larger-scale moves, so coordinate how this might affect your plans with your moving company.

Additionally, see if your movers have specific safety guidelines in place and make sure they’re adhered to. Following these recommendations can help your move remain flawless and safe!

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