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Moving Those Bulky Appliances

Moving boxes of personal possessions is one thing: they typically stack easily, you can make them as light or as heavy as you want, and carried individually they are usually easy enough for a single person to load one at a time onto a truck. But when your cargo is appliances, this can create challenges that can throw off your whole move if not ready in advance.

Firstly, make sure before any moving takes place that both the gas and electricity to any appliances has been shut off, to keep things safe. If you’re not comfortable disconnecting a gas appliance, feel free to ask your moving team for assistance.

Any loose items that are part of the appliance like burner grates or oven racks should be removed or secured tightly. If appliances like the dishwasher are bolted in, carefully disconnect the item and put any bolts or screws into a labeled plastic bag so as not to misplace anything. This would be a good time to remove any connected plumbing fixtures as well.

For added protection, wrap a moving blanket or bubble wrap around the appliance and secure it with packing tape. Have a dolly handy to roll the appliance out of the area, and avoid scraping the floor or nearby cabinets when loading it up. Slowly roll it out of the area to the designated moving truck spot. And remember: if this task is too challenging for you, your moving team is ready to help you out!

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