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Self-Storage: A Newbie’s Guide

Sometimes a little extra space is needed in a home: we may have collected too many items over the years, or you may decide it’s time to open up a room for a new purpose. In times like those, you have to wonder just what to do with your extra inventory, and you decide self-storage is a promising plan. But just what do you need to do to store your additional items yourself?

You’ll want to inventory just how much you plan on putting away in advance, both to give yourself an idea of how much space it’ll end up taking up elsewhere, as well as to help you keep track of the items once they’re put away.

When you’ve determined just what you’ll be packing up, you’ll be better equipped to plan on storage boxes and bins. Keep like items together, to help reduce hunting should you need those items in the future, and label all boxes with the inventory you add to them. Keep items that you may have to go back to soon in the front.

Plan on just where in your home you’ll be storing these items. There are a lot of potential places available such as an attic or another room, but also keep in mind if you’ll want access to those areas for other purposes in the future; using another room may not be a good idea unless you don’t mind maneuvering around those boxes. An attic can be handy, provided whatever you’re packing isn’t too heavy or challenging to carry up and down stairs.

If you find yourself with more inventory than you have space in your home to store it, you may want to consider renting a storage unit elsewhere.

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