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The Special Care of Packing Wine Bottles

While packing up conventional items such as clothing and dinnerware may be pretty straightforward, wine bottles require special care when you prepare them for the moving truck. Here are some tips to make sure that Chardonnay or Merlot reaches their destination as rich and robust as when they first left.

Packaging the bottles carefully is of course a must. Fortunately, there are specialty boxes made just for wines. These have special bottle-shaped inserts and are designed to protect the ends of your bottles, and will make packing the bottles a breeze. If you don’t have access to this sort of item, you’ll want to cushion every interior side of the box to prevent breakage or shifting; this can be done with bubble wrap, bunched-up cloth, or wadded up paper.

Note that the best way to pack a bottle of red or white wine is cork-downwards or on the side. This allows the cork to remain wet while preventing the wine’s oxidation, helping to keep the flavor from degrading. Meanwhile, carbonated beverages such as sparkling wines should be kept upright. It is recommended you avoid sending any bottles that have already been opened, lest they open and spill their contents everywhere.

Place the bottles into the box spaced apart from one another to prevent potential impact, then fill the spaces left with more packing materials. Make sure to mark your box with THIS SIDE UP to help prevent any tipping or spoiling of the wines.

When you arrive at your destination, let the wines sit unopened for at least a week, as bottle shock may result from being jostled around which can in turn negatively affect your wine’s flavor. Let the wine settle untouched, after which you can celebrate your move with a raised glass!

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