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Do you need a piano mover to move a piano?

A piano is a magnificent piece of craftsmanship, but when it comes time to move, this delicate and complicated instrument can become a huge burden. Since the average piano weight begins at 300 to 500 pounds and can be upwards of 1000+ pounds, moving this instrument requires skill, precision, and a significant amount of strength and force. While this can be done without the help of professional movers, there are a number of things that a skilled, experienced crew can provide to ensure the move is successful and stress-free.

The Right Equipment

Every situation is different and requires careful pre-planning to ensure that all obstacles and potential problems are identified. Having the required equipment is essential to ensure the move goes smoothly, and there are certain things that will almost always be a part of any piano move. Professional movers can provide this equipment as part of their service, and will always have the following items;

  • A vehicle large enough to accommodate the piano, and protect it from inclement weather
  • Dollies to assist in the move where possible
  • Blankets and padding to protect the piano
  • Strapping and a piano skid to secure the piano in the vehicle
  • An appropriate amount of manpower to complete the move

Insurance For Damage and Liability

Given the weight and size of a piano, the potential for injury and damage is significantly heightened during a move. Having a licensed and insured company complete the move means no worries about personal or property damage. Instead of worrying about coordinating help, and struggling to carefully avoid damage during the move, the piano can be turned over to trusted professionals who will take care of every step in a professional manner.

Efficient, Professional Service

Professional movers are trained to identify hazards and problems before beginning a move. During the planning stage, a timeline can be coordinated to ensure there are no surprises that will hinder the move. Items like road construction, building access, and unforeseen space constraints can create moving nightmares, and professionals will find and eliminate these problems before moving day arrives.

The Space Moving team has over 10 years of experience moving a variety of large and delicate objects in the San Diego area. Space Moving has moved over 400 pianos and is properly equipped and trained to transport high-value objects like pianos to any destination needed. If you’re unsure if professional movers are right for you, contact us with any questions you may have, or if you’re ready to begin your move click here to get a quote. 

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