We have hot tub moving gurus in the team and our objective is to take the worries of moving the hot tub off your shoulders.

Hot tubs are giant items just like pianos, and this is why they require special attention and careful planning before moving. Moving hot tubs without special equipment is pretty unsafe – it can bring to damaging the hot tub or even hurting yourself during the process, no matter how strong you are. Be sure to have professional hot tub movers to help you out.

The Space Moving team will provide you with the directions on how to prepare the hot tub for relocation and will make sure it is drained and cleaned before the move. Everyone on our team is professionally trained, equipped, has years of experience in moving complex items and absolutely friendly to consult you about each step.

We guarantee the quality of our moving service and if you’re looking for a company which does job efficiently and correctly, you’re at the right place!

Let us carry the burden for you.

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  • Do you move pianos?
  • How do I prepare my antique furniture for moving?
  • How do I estimate moving costs?
  • Do you provide employee relocation service in San Diego?
Absolutely! Our piano movers team is professionally trained to properly pack, load and transport pianos of different makes and models. We will discuss your specific needs in advance, so that the Space Moving team arrives fully prepared.
Make a close inspection of your antique belongings and find potential fragile areas, which require special attention and let our antique movers know about them before the actual relocation. We have special wrapping materials to cover extra fragile spots and provide insurance coverage.
Simply visit our Free estimate page, add your moving details and our team will get back to you with the estimated costs.
Yes, this is one of our key services and we are happy to help you minimize worry and save time for employee relocation.
  • What does your rate include?
  • Do you have storage capabilities?
  • Do you provide packing services?
  • Are there any discounts for military move?
  • Can I ride together with movers in truck?
Besides the actual moving from point A to point B you will get access to free use of blankets and moving pads, loading / unloading, assembly / reassembly, packing / unpacking.
Yes, we do! Our storage warehouse has over 40,000 square feet to help accommodate your items safely.
Yes, we’re a full-service moving company and our professional packing team will take care of your things using an assortment of high quality packing materials.
We offer up to 10% discounts for military. Moving is a natural part of the military life here in the states, and we are happy to help you make this process smooth.
This is not something we are not allowed to do, unfortunately.
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